The film – A Heavy Metal Civilization

A Heavy Metal Civilization tells the story of the evolution of the Finnish heavy metal scene starting from the 80 ́s, going through the 90 ́s and 2000 ́s until now.

Written, filmed and directed by Cristina Ornellas and Maila-Kaarina Rantanen,  the story – which started to be filmed in 2016 and was ready in the summer of 2018 –  is told by the artists themselves.  Members of the most important Finnish bands and industry experts tell their experiences, professional trajectory, talk about Finnish society, religion, politics and leave the big question for the audience: Is Finland a heavy metal country?

A Heavy Metal Civilization also contains the testimony of famous musicians from abroad such as Scott Ian (Anthrax) and Kiko Loureiro (Megadeth), telling their impressions on Finland being – or not – “the land of heavy metal”.

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More than a film about heavy metal, A Heavy Metal Civilization talks about Finnish society, its relation with religion, its openness to accept subcultures, the global impact of the Finnish metal scene in the world, and how even the government saw it as a powerful source for political campaigns and country branding.

The story is told by some of the most representing heavy metal artists in Finland, professors and worldwide famous heavy metal personalities.

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